Infrature Delivery Server

Add speed-based capabilities to your current LMS. Deliver courses in a proven, highly effective speed-based format and record all speed-based performance information not tracked by a typical LMS.

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Infrature Delivery Server Features:
  • Scientifically proven methodology to enhance retention
  • User friendly – Very easy to start and navigate through the training, even for novice computer users
  • Test out opportunity available for learners already versed in the material
  • Study material always available to the learner
  • Training delivered to learners at rigor that is appropriate to them through Dial-In-Mastery™ feature
  • Knowledge Paced™ Learning - System automatically progresses learners through material based on their performance. Training is skipped or reiterated as appropriate.
  • Transparent Training Cycle™ - Immerses the learner and ingrains knowledge
  • Interactive format creates an engaging environment for the learner. No boredom!
  • Performance Feedback provided to the learner
  • Very low bandwidth requirements make training ideal for dial-up connections
  • No downloads required
  • No add-ins required
  • Supports html, flash, audio