Learning, The Infrature Way

An Infrature White Paper

Persistech has taken the key elements of learning and combined them into Infrature, a unique training delivery system1. Infrature organizes course material into discrete units that can be presented in a logical order via static pages or flash. Responses are timed, tracked and charted automatically. Learners can monitor their own progress on the Performance Graph that is presented at the end of each training session.

Infrature provides a mechanism to couple “behavioral techniques” with “cognitive techniques”, such as providing learners with correct answers and explanations according to their incorrect responses. We call this Adaptive Tutoring™. Adaptive Tutoring™ automatically tailors the learning experience to individual needs, based on the learner’s performance. A variety of modes are provided to facilitate the learning process, simulating, when practical, how the information may be used in its actual application.

Finally, Infrature uses the Internet to provide the ideal mechanism for delivering training remotely and for administrators to track the progress and completion of training. This combination of features offers a powerful system that delivers a powerful learning methodology… Learning, the Infrature Way.


In recognition of the importance of the key learning components mentioned above, Infrature has incorporated a number of features into the Infrature training delivery system.

Knowledge Paced Learning™: With Knowledge Paced Learning™, the system automatically progresses learners through material based on their performance. Knowledge Paced Learning™ in conjunction with Adaptive Tutoring™ (described in the next paragraph), skips or reiterates training as appropriate. Training is skipped when the learner is at the desired level of mastery. Training is reiterated to provide the learner with sufficient practice to achieve the desired level of mastery. Most importantly, the learner does not decide when to proceed. The pace is determined based on the learner’s performance. If the learner demonstrates mastery in the material during the initial interactions, training is skipped and the learner “tests out”.

Adaptive Tutoring™: This feature causes the learners to feel as though there is a teacher present to help them learn. During training, if a learner responds incorrectly to a question, Adaptive Tutoring™ immediately indicates with visual and audio cues that the response was incorrect and provides a specific explanation. The key part of the explanation is highlighted for emphasis on the “correct part” of the appropriate response. Adaptive Tutoring™ provides different audio feedback when the learner responds to a question correctly, and provides a third type of audio feedback, as well, when the learner responds correctly and quickly. This cues the learner in to whether fluency (speed plus accuracy) is being achieved. Adaptive Tutoring™ “knows” when to present and suppress feedback, what type of feedback to deliver and into which phase of training the learner should be progressed.

Transparent Training Cycle™: The Transparent Training Cycle presents information to learners in a series of phases: Content Presentation, Pretest, Preview, Training, Review, and Confirmation. Each phase is designed to optimize the manner in which information is presented to the learner, based upon the learner’s performance during the previous phase. The phase into which the learner progresses is determined in “real-time”. This sequencing is identified as the Transparent Training Cycle™. We call it transparent since there is no deliberate attempt to alert the learner as to the phase in which they are training. Progression decisions are transparent to the learner. The learners need not be concerned with the details of the mechanics or structure. They need only to interact during each activity in order to be trained.

Dial-In-Mastery™: Not all training needs to be presented until the learner is fluent. Sometimes it is appropriate for a learner to simply be “aware” or familiar with the material. Infrature provides a mechanism to “Dial-In” the level of mastery that is appropriate for a particular learner or group of learners. This allows the same course to be utilized effectively for learners that require training at any level, by automatically setting an appropriate accuracy and speed requirement that is calculated by the software based on question type, question length, answer length, phase of the training cycle and mastery requirements.


No other web-delivered training product ensures that the learner will complete the training with a fluent mastery of the material. Learners consistently report that the product is intuitive and easy to use. Infrature also includes an authoring tool in its learning suite that allows course developers to create courses that are automatically presented in the correct format. All the author needs to do is import the study material from any of a number of common formats (Word document, PowerPoint Presentations, HTML, Excel), enter the questions and explanations, and the delivery software does the rest.

For “critical to know” information, or for just an “awareness” of information, Infrature provides a uniquely effective training solution.

1 For more information on the key elements of learning incorporated into Infrature, including the list, see Learning Theories – An Infrature White Paper.