"With the help of Infrature we were able to develop a uniquely effective training delivery system for our offshore platforms. The effectiveness of the delivery system was verified by subsequent internal & external audits. We continue to look to Infrature to help us improve performance through effective & efficient training in important areas relating to technical expertise & even regulatory compliance. Instead of having training experiences, we now have learning experiences. We get measurable results, with greater retention. This translates into a significant savings in time, and of course money. We were looking for an effective, efficient training tool. We found that in Infrature."

Jade Washmon - Training Coordinator

The Royal Dutch/Shell Group is the world's eighth largest corporation with over 135 billing in annual revenues.  Shell uses Infrature on a global basis for drilling best practices training and for offshore drilling operations with regards to regulatory and safety requirements.

For a detailed description of Shell's offshore usage of Infrature see the  Shell Case Study.