"We cannot believe the difference in our employees' increased knowledge and retention as a result of the Infrature  training - most notably with our new hire training program. We put Infrature to the test against our classroom and “regular” on-line training and the results were incredible. Infrature produced much higher short term and long-term test results every time! In addition, our sales force all remark about the difference in learning the Infrature way; they have told us that even though it is harder, it is more fun, more effective, and now they're demanding ALL of their product training on Infrature. We are now actively converting 10-20 existing classes to the Infrature method as quickly as possible. With the Infrature training in place, we're sure that we can transfer critical product knowledge to our sales agents faster, with a greater impact, and with greater retention that will lead to measurable sales results."

Lauren Baggen - Director, Training & Employee Development

Direct Alliance Corporation, or DAC, provides outsourced marketing and sales services to large corporations.  DAC uses Infrature to provide training to their customers sales organizations.