Shell E&P Case Study

Shell has set a corporate goal of "No accidents and no harm to people." This is no small task when you consider that this industry giant employs more than 100,000 people, involved diverse activities throughout the world - even mid-ocean. To add to the challenge, many of these activities are in hazardous environments, requiring specialized skills. In order to reach their goal, Shell needed a full-scale plan for prevention and safety, which led to the decision to revamp their traditional safety-training program. 

In the fall of 2001, Shell E&P found themselves in a difficult spot. To meet their goal and stay in compliance with government regulations, Shell E&P had only two months to train their employees. To complicate matters, hundreds of the people to be trained resided on offshore platforms.

Shell chose the Infrature method with its Transparent Training CycleTM to provide this training. Using this method, they were able develop thirty-five modules in just a few weeks, and deliver the training via satellite Internet connections to offshore locations, as well as to employees using local PCs.  
As a part of Shell’s normal process, both internal and external auditors were called in to review the effectiveness of the training.

“The auditors were astonished at how effective the Infrature method was,” says Jade Q. Washmon, Training Coordinator, Shell Exploration and Production. Continues Mr. Washmon, “Instead of having training experiences, we now have learning experiences. We get measurable results, with greater retention. This translates into a significant savings in time, and of course money. We were looking for an effective, efficient training tool. We found that in Infrature".

Since the fall of 2001, Shell has expanded their use of Infrature. With Infrature, Shell provides training in a variety of areas, including Contractor Safety Management, Permit to Work Systems, proper Gas Venting and Flaring, Food Safety, Dynamic Positioning, Collision Avoidance and compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. There is even a course called “Deliver the Limit”, which radically transforms the way wells are delivered by teaching each member of the well delivery team how to focus on the “perfect process”, and target best in class characteristics.

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