Infrature Version 2005 is Released

January 2005

We are proud to announce the release and immediate availability of version 2.0 of InfratureŽ Course Builder, InfratureŽ Management Server and InfratureŽ Delivery Server.

Course Builder introduces a host of new features, including expanded import capabilities that now include Word documents, text documents and Excel spreadsheets, in addition to the images and PowerPoint presentations imported by earlier versions. Lessons are now created via four easy “clicks of a button”, located on the main form. A new dynamic help window displays assistance in real time as the author clicks around the editing form. The expanded Author Coach gives specific suggestions on how to optimize each module to provide effective, well designed training.

Infrature Management Server has added 17 new standard reports, and includes a hierarchy creating tool that allows you to accurately reflect any type of internal hierarchies, such as for administrative, geographical or security access. Certifications are now easy to create, and the Dial-In-Mastery™ feature can now be managed at the Management Server level.

Learners will love the new Performance Outcome screen in the Infrature Delivery Server. It includes easy to read dials that display information on their actual performance versus an ultimate goal, and specific suggestions on how to improve.