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Infrature has helped many organizations achieve astonishing results.

Let the Data Be Your Guide
Based on scientific case studies Infrature increases the retention and application of information.

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See how easy Infrature Course Builder is to use.

Infrature Announcements
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) selects Infrature for its 26,000 employees.

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"The auditors were astonished at how successful the Infrature method was," - Solutions article in TD Magazine.

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"With the help of Persistech we were able to develop a uniquely effective training delivery system for our offshore platforms."

Infrature is Unique
Infrature is the only e-learning suite to use time to measure performance and adapt training to the learner. This innovative use of timing significantly boosts performance.

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It's never been easier to get help from e-learning experts. Course reviews, one-on-one training, and custom content development are just a click away.